Information has been scarce lately on this page, so here’s an update:

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH), where I teach composition, has a new campus that was inaugurated January this year. The new purpuse-built electroacoustic studios are fantastic in terms of technology, room acoustics and sound quality. Our flagship concert hall, Lilla salen, with a 29-speaker dome brings wonderful new possibilities in terms of artistic projects and research.

Speaking of research, in the context of my appointment as Senior Lecturer at KMH, I am now part-time pursuing a PhD at the Media Technology and Interaction Design research group at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH).

I will continue to compose music within and outside of my research and will post here when there is something to listen to.

(also, I’m changing the site format to WordPress. So we’ll see how this turns out…)