The objective of my research is to explore ways in which a computer-modelled representational system can describe pitch and noise in space in a clear and comprehensible way, with sufficient detail to make it useful in both composition and performance practice, providing graphical overviews and computer simulations of abstract models of music as localised sound. This will be used for the composition of music for various sound sources, such as voices, acoustic instruments, synthetic and concrete electronic sounds, aiming to bridge the gap between the vastly different theoretical frameworks of pitched and non-pitched music.

The starting point of these explorations has been Lasse Thoresen and Anders Hedman’s spectromorphological analysis notation which inherits ideas and concepts from Pierre Schaeffer and Denis Smalley. By relating concepts of music analysis, understood as descriptions of a perceived reality, to the acoustic properties of the real world, we end up with a notation system more suitable for the needs of a composer, particularly a composer engaged in computer-assisted composition.

This image shows the correlation between a notation example and a sonogram.



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