Christmas Oratorio (2011)
soprano, choir, chamber orchestra and sampler

Counterpoint (2008)
percussion, harp and string orchestra

Requiem (2007)
soprano, choir, strings and synthesizer

Tian Shang de Fu (2006)
countertenor, orchestra, and electronics (fixed audio tracks)

PRCSSN (2005)
solo percussion and orchestra


Å (2024)
Five short movements for satb choir with text by Åsa Lipka Falck and Susanne Skog

The Creation (2019)
soprano-, alto-, and tenor solo, satb choir, brass sextet, percussion, synthesizer and fixed media electronics

The Creation of the Seas (2017)
satb choir

Lik ett blomster (2015)
satb choir and percussion

St John Passion (2014)
tenor solo, satb choir and percussion quartet

A Thousand Suns (2012)
satb choir

The Hornet (2012)
satb choir

Midsummer (2012)
satb choir and saxophone quartet

Blue Willow
Yellow Amber
Black Elder (2012)
three short pieces for satb ensemble

Tre årstider (2008)
satb choir

Requiem (2007)
soprano, choir, strings and synthesizer

Agnus Dei (2007)
satb choir

Ascent (2004)
satb choir

Ai (2003)
satb choir

We Know Not Where The Dragons Fly (2002)
satb choir

electronic music

Values of Sound #1 (2021)
2-channel fixed media electronics

In the beginning (2019)
multi-channel fixed media electronics. Contact the composer for performance of this work. 

Alpha (2010)
5-channel electroacoustic suite in seven movements 

Pond (2009)
for 5 wiimote players, 4 loudspeakers, and video projection

Taroom (2008)
full length cd with electronica

Rjv (2007)
5 channels

Lux (2007)
5 channels

The Third Element (2004)
4 channels

Matrix (2000)
4 channels

chamber / solo

Counterpoint (2021)
for percussion, piano and string quintet

Instructions for three performers (2012)
percussion, sound objects, string instruments and electronics

H / B (2011)
recorder, piano, percussion and computer

Sand (2011)
for percussion and illusionist

Far North (2009)
alto + baritone saxophone and fixed electronics w film

With Thy Saints Surrounded (2009)
soprano saxophone and church organ

A Perilous Night (2009)
flute and percussion

Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain (2008)
theremin and percussion

Sanctus (2008)
soprano and piano / organ 

Stretch the Bones (2008)
percussion and computer

B—A–C-H (2007)
alto flute, violin, cello and piano

Ups & Downs (2007)
saxophone quartet

Moving in Circles (2006)
lyrics by Anna Einarsson
soprano and electronics

PRCSSN (2006)
percussion and fixed electronics

Ren Fah (2005)
three electric guitars and live-electronics
(improvisational piece)

Descent – Ascent (2005)
church organ

Majikku (2005)
solo percussion, percussion ensemble and 4-channel electronics
(fixed audio tracks)

Yin Se (2005)
electric guitar trio w 3-channel click tracks and guitar fx

Descent (2004)
piano and four-channel fixed electronics
(fixed audio tracks)

I tid (2003)
percussion and fixed electronics (fixed audio tracks)

Tian Shang de Fu (2003)
soprano, chamber ensemble and electronics
(fixed audio tracks)