CMMR19, Between 2019 and Nordic SMC

This autumn has been filled with research oriented activities but also some new electroacoustic music. I presented an exploration of the notation of rhythm at the CMMR 2019 conference in Marseille, then a presentation on the notation of timbre at the music and research festival Between 2019 at KMH, then a paper presentation of the notation of spatialisation during the celebratory Bill Brunson session at the Nordic SMC 2019 conference at KTH. A conference paper on the notation of timbre will follow, perhaps finalising my studies on major notation parameters.

At the Between 2019 festival I also premiered In the beginning, a multi-channel electroacoustic work meant to work as an opening movement for my Creation oratorio. The sound in our (relatively) new 45.4 speaker dome at KMH is truly amazing.